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Why should you do business with an Extended Auto Warranty Broker?

Honda Warranty Specialist is an independent broker for a number of nationally recognized Auto Service Contract Programs, (aka Extended Auto Warranties). This gives us the advantage of shopping for the best program for your particular needs.

  • Our Service Contract Programs adhere to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Facts for Consumers. See We do not have any outstanding complaints with any consumer oriented and (or) governmental agencies.

  • Our rates are very competitive when program-to- program comparisons are made with both Auto Dealers and Internet Websites.

  • We offer immediate coverage with No Waiting Period, for vehicles still under factory warranty, or those that pass visual inspection.

  • We will negotiate on your behalf , on any gray area claim disputes with provider administrators, on a case by case basis.

  • We do not "Bait and Switch".

  • You will always be offered the most comprehensive agreement for your vehicle the First Time Around.

  • If you prefer simpler coverage, a lower premium policy can be tailored to meet your needs.



Reasons to Purchase an Extended Service Agreement
(AKA Extended Auto Warranty)

Honda Warranty Specialist is an independent broker of Vehicle Service Agreements (a.k.a. Extended Auto Warranties), and offers Factory Like Coverage for Newer and Used vehicles (as well as most other vehicles). The companies we represent are A, A+ and A++ rated by AM Best, and re- insured by some of the largest insurance carriers in the world.

  1. Coverage’s range from $500 to $4100 (Approx. 50 cents to $2 per day over 5 years).
  2. Enjoy your travels and drive with peace of mind.
  3. Full roadside assistance, towing, trip interruption, rental car, etc. included in most agreements.
  4. Good at all certified shops and dealers – nationwide and in Canada.
  5. Cover tomorrow’s repair cost at today’s prices, out to 10 years, if applicable.
  6. No Dealer mark-ups – Save $500 to $1000 on comparable coverage’s.
  7. Comprehensive coverage can be written up to 150,000 miles on the odometer.
  8. If your vehicle is sold, most agreements are transferable to a private party for a small fee.
  9. Helps you maintain your resale value (15% to 25% higher) and your vehicle sells faster in the open market.
  10. If traded in or stolen, you receive a pro-rata refund on your agreement.

Average Shop Repair Cost

Your Cost with a Warranty

    Air Conditioning System $1,100.00 - $2,800.00 $0.00*
    Engine $1,400.00 - $3,800.00 $0.00*
    Alternator $275.00 - $550.00 $0.00*
    Starter $275.00 - $375.00 $0.00*
    Fuel Pump $375.00 - $450.00 $0.00*
    Water Pump $400.00 - $575.00 $0.00*
    Power Window Motor $300.00 - $399.00 $0.00*

    ADD 20% to 50% on these costs for high-end vehicles.

    * If zero deductible option is chosen.


    1) What is an extended auto warranty affect my vehicle ?

    An extended warranty is an agreement between the vehicle owner and Warranty Company, obligating the warranty company to pay for repairs covered by the contract for a specific period of time.

    With an extended auto warranty you are protecting yourself from the unexpected expense of mechanical failure, in the event something goes wrong with your vehicle. More...

    2) What exactly does an extended warranty cover?

    Know what's covered -- and what's not covered -- by the extended auto warranty you're considering. Does the contract cover breakdown as well as wear and tear? Under a "breakdown" warranty, coverage is extended only to parts that break. You can obtain extended warranties for the car: More...

    3) Why do I need an extended auto warranty?

    Since even simple mechanical repairs of your vehicle can cost into the thousands and these costs are rising rapidly; protecting your investment in your vehicle should not be taken lightly. More...

    4) Why should I purchase an extended warranty now?

    Whether you own a new or older vehicle, an extended auto warranty will provide you with peace-of-mind protection regarding costly mechanical repairs that can happen at any time during the life of your vehicle. More...

    5) What about the deductible?

    Fully investigate a policy's deductible before signing on the dotted line. Consider not only its amount, but also whether it's per visit or per repair. With a per-visit deductible, each visit to the shop will run you a fixed amount, regardless of how many parts are repaired; a per-repair deductible applies to each serviced part. What sounds like a minor difference may, under certain circumstances, have a major impact on your wallet. More...

    6) What type of auto warranty can I buy?

    Power train Warranty: Covers the engine, transmission, and other parts of the Drive train only, which is defined as the 29 parts of the vehicle through which oil flows. These are the parts least likely to fail.

    The average vehicle contains thousands of parts. As it does not cover the majority of the components of a vehicle, the Power train Warranty is truly not an extended warranty. More...

    7) Can I still obtain extended auto warranty coverage?

    Many consumers do not realize that even after the manufacturer's warranty has expired, their vehicle is still eligible for extended coverage. You can generally receive coverage on vehicles that have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. A vehicle out of its original warranty is more apt to have mechanical failure compared to a newer vehicle. More...

    8) How does the claims process work?

    The top warranty companies work like this: If your vehicle breaks down or is in need of a repair, take it or have it towed to any licensed repair facility and present your service agreement to the Service Department. After they diagnose the problem, they will call the claims administrator toll-free and receive repair authorization for all your covered repairs less a deductible where applicable. More...

    9) Why do vehicle dealers sell extended warranties?

    vehicle dealers make a profit on the extended warranty, sometimes as much as they make on the car! Buyers can negotiate the price of the warranty just as they did the price of the vehicle. The working assumption is that dealers pay about 50 percent less than the asking price for the warranty. A buyer should not pay more than two-thirds of the asking price. More...

    10) How do I resist the pressure to buy right away?

    It is not necessary to buy the extended warranty right away. Buyers usually have 12 months after a new vehicle purchase to buy a warranty. Get the time limit from the company selling it. More...

    11) What if I decide I do want an extended warranty?

    The warranty need not be purchased from the dealer. Check a credit union or auto insurance dealer for a warranty program, sometimes known as mechanical breakdown insurance. Check out the service contract or vehicle warranty companies. More...

    12) Extended Warranty Prices?

    Shop around for the best price and the best coverage. If the warranty has a $100 deductible for each service or repair, why bother? More...

    13) Extended Warranty Dealers?

    Buyers can even shop different dealerships by calling the finance managers at the other stores. A buyer can tell the dealer who sold the vehicle that he's going to check with the competition to find the best price. More...

    14) What is a Double Warranty?

    Don't buy a double warranty, which is coverage for items already covered by the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. More...

    15) How do Extended Warranties help resale?

    If the car won't be in the driveway for longer than the manufacturer's warranty, typically three years or 36,000 miles, why bother? Beware of the sales pitch that the service contract will help the resale value of the car. A buyer has just paid three years for a service that might never be used. More...

    16) What if I did get an extended warranty from the vehicle dealer?

    If buying the warranty from the dealer, make sure it's the car manufacturer's warranty, which is to say a vehicle warranty for a car. More...

    17) When should I buy an extended warranty for my vehicle?

    The warranty begins the day it is purchased, not on the date the car is purchased. So those who buy it 11-and-a-half months after purchasing have a car covered for seven years instead of six. More...

    18) Extended warranties on a used vehicle?

    A used car's price sticker should clearly state whether there is any initial dealer warranty. As for an extended warranty, many companies won't sell one unless the used car was bought from a dealer. More...

    19) Extended warranties on a leased vehicle?

    Never buy an extended warranty when leasing a car. More...

Procrastination is suicide on the installment plan”. Let us help.


An Auto Warranty is an important investment for you and your family. When purchasing an Auto Warranty, you must see the actual Auto Warranty contract BEFORE you buy. Do not pay anyone anything to view an Auto Warranty contract. An Auto Warranty is serious business. We only recommend companies whose Auto Warranty programs are tried and true. When dealing with a company on an Auto Warranty, check the BBB and independent sources for an Auto Warranty Companies reputation and reliability
Need more information? Check out our auto warranty faqs and car care tips.

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